Jeremy Fisher

An English translation of the original play in French by Mohamed Rouabhi.

An old fishing couple is blessed with the birth of a sweet young son, Jeremy, but quickly come to realize he's different from other boys. Slowly, inexorably, he is transforming into a fish. His parents face the ultimate decision of their lives: whether to keep their beloved son with them in an aquarium for the rest of his life, or give him up to a life of freedom in the sea. A tender, magical and moving exploration of the process each parent must go through as they give their children up to the wider world. Appropriate for ages 4-12.

3 M, 1 F

Running Length:
45 Minutes

Winner of a 2007 Sterling Award (Edmonton) for Outstanding Production for Young Audiences

Published by:
In French - Actes-Sud

Production History:
Concrete Theatre (Edmonton, Canada) Premiere:
Starring Sheldon Bergstrom, Patrick Howarth, Rebecca Starr and Guillermo Urra
Directed by Ron Jenkins
Run: February 2007

Concrete Theatre (Edmonton, Canada) Remount:
Starring Jesse Gervais, Patrick Howarth, Mark Ikeda and Rebecca Starr
Directed by Ron Jenkins
Run: February and March 2011