I Am For You

Fighting words... At first glance, Lainie and Mariam look like any two girls in any High School across Canada. But when they get into a violent physical fight in their drama room, Mr. Morris, an ex-professional actor and newly minted student teacher takes them on as a special project, helping them understand more about the roots of violence and the cost of violent acts through the art of stage combat and ultimately through the famous fight between Mercutio and Tybalt in their school production of Romeo and Juliet.

Swords, words and egos come to blows as all three battle through their demons and issues. Can they find a way to work together? Appropriate for ages 13-18.

2 F, 1 M

Running Length:

45 minutes

2013 Enbridge Award for Established Canadian Playwright

Production History:
Concrete Theatre(Edmonton, Canada) Premiere:
Starring Patricia Cerra, Samantha Jeffery and Jonathan Purvis
Directed by Mieko Ouchi
Run: November 12-29, 2013

2013 NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival (Fredericton)