The Dada Play

The smashing together of two revolutions born on the same small street in Zurich in 1916 during World War I. In a small bar, Hugo Ball, an unknown writer/musician transforms a rag tag gang of exiled avant garde artists into a collective powerhouse as they come together to form The Dada Art Movement, while in a tiny room above them, Vladimir Ilyitch Lenin, a little known philosopher and thinker, watches their cabarets, drinks his Pernod and plans the Communist Revolution. Set in the multilingual and multicultural chaos of tiny Switzerland, awash in exiles, pacifists, artists, quivering in the shadow of the bloodiest war to date in Europe, we watch the simultaneous birth of modernism in art and the biggest social revolution the world has ever seen.

There are two versions, one for up to 26 actors and one for a company of 12
12 M, 8 F, 8-15 Other

Running Length:
2 hours

Production History:
Red Deer College(Red Deer, Canada) Premiere:
Directed by Lynda Adams
Run: 2007

St. Mary’s University College (Calgary, Canada):
Directed by Marilyn Potts
Run: 2008

University of Oklahoma School of Drama (Norman, Oklahoma) American Premiere:
Directed by Susan Shaughnessy
Run: 2009