Theatre: Playwright

Things To Remember

Short Play
Set in the late 1980's and between 1910 and 1919, an old man on his deathbed conjures his childhood memories growing up one of two sons of a Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch) homesteader...

Jeremy Fisher

Theatre For Young Audiences
An old fishing couple is blessed with the birth of a sweet young son, Jeremy, but quickly come to realize he's different from other boys. Slowly, inexorably, he is transforming into a fish.

I Am For You

Theatre for Young Audiences
Fighting words... At first glance, Lainie and Mariam look like any two girls in any High School across Canada. But when they get into a violent physical fight in their drama room, Mr. Morris, an ex-professional actor and newly minted student teacher takes them on as a special project...

The Dada Play

Full Length Drama
The smashing together of two revolutions born on the same small street in Zurich in 1916 during World War I. In a small bar, Hugo Ball, an unknown writer/musician transforms a rag tag gang of exiled avant garde artists into a collective powerhouse as they come together to form The Dada Art Movement...

The Blue Light

Full Length Drama
Leni Riefenstahl was one of the most remarkable and controversial women artists of the 20th century. Dancer, actor, photographer and filmmaker, Riefenstahl caught the eye of Adolf Hitler with her prodigious first film: The Blue Light.

Nisei Blue

Full Length Drama
A noir detective story set in the shadowy haunts of the historic Powell Street (Japantown) area of Vancouver in 1985 and 1939.